Developer Options Tool Apk v1.1.6 Latest Free Download 2017

Developer Options Tool Apk v1.1.6 Latest Free Download 2017

What is developer options tool Apk?

Developer options tool Apk is the application for Android phone users. This app works efficiently and effectively, also offer all ease and smooth atmosphere to use.

About Developer Options Tool Apk:

This is the special application used to show developer options for users of Android. Primarily, the app was the shortcut to developed options which was missed. This application takes you directly to the home screen related to developer options page of settings.

App Description:

The latest version of developer options app is now available online to download easily, this latest version for Android is 1.1.6 The normal rating of developer options app is 4/5 as per user’s votes. You can easily install and download developer options tool app on the androids which are 2.2+ and above then this. You need to download the app, and after this, you should move the apk file to SD card of Android, after this utilize file manager you like to install and browse it.

It is essential to note that some website offers pure and original apk file also offers the quickest speed to download as compared to others developers options apk like userscloud, zippyshare, mega, mediafire, sendspace.

Why Google hide android developer options?

Google does not show Android developer options in the Android phones like 4.2 and above. The basic reason why Google has done this is very simple mostly. Android users do not want developer options because the reason that tampering with such options might turn on phone behave abnormally (which are odd menu behavior, etc.).

According to experts change in Android developer options will not turn on phone behave abnormally or corrupt the phone’s system etc. But in general it might cause little visual changes and functioning of your phone, and any other. It is not so much secure and does not provide ease to install unapproved apps and process of copying. However, you can enable the mode of USB debugging to access the developer options, it is the most common reason yet easy to direct contact between the computer and Android phones to receive commands.  Still, there are several other reasons may exist.

How to Enable Developer Options?

With all Android phones, the procedure to enable the developer options is almost same. First, you need to tap on the option of ‘build number’ tap fast seven times, and the developer options will activate, and you can see in the phone settings.

The procedure to access build number option in different manufacturer phones is different. Let’s take a look:

For Samsung Galaxy Series phones

  1. Open “Settings” and find the option “About Device,” tap on this option which is probably placed in the end.
  2. Now scroll down to the “About Device” option, and you will see “Build number” option below.
  3. Now quickly tap on the option “Build number” repeat tapping to 7 times and note that the developer options get enable

For HTC one Series phones

  1. Simply reach to “Settings” and tap on option “About.”
  2. You will find option “Software information” tap on it after that tap on “More” option
  3. Now you will see option of “Build number” in the list of option “More”, now quickly tap on it seven times to enable developer options

For LG G Series phones

  1. Reach to option “Settings” and tap on option “About phone.”
  2. You will get option “Software information” now tap on it, the option “Build number” appear there
  3. Now simply tap on option “Build number” repeat tapping 7 times and you will successfully enbable developer options

It is easy to enable developer options though it is hard and enough tricky to disable developer options. For this you will need to format or delete all the data of the phone.

How to Hide The Developer Options?

After activating you will not find any option to hide it again. Still there is a method to hide developer option also this method have a problem too.

You will need to delete all the data where the enabling option get store. You will find it in settings of app data. However, this method is not valid for all types of android phones. Simply turn to ‘settings’ now tap on the option ‘Application manager’ or Apps, now simply or slightly slide towards left so you will get ‘All’ tab there. In All tab you need to find ‘settings’ option, after entering the option simply tap on ‘Clear data’. Once the data is cleared you will not see developers options in the option ‘settings’.

Developer Options Tool Apk Free

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